Sunday, April 23, 2017

My First International Travel

My first international travel was made possible by my ex-company for which I am so grateful to them. They gave me the wings to see all the beautiful places I have.

I still remember I had been back from Bangalore and my boss Munwar Shariff said that I have to travel Oxford for my next travel.

I was excited for the fact that I will be travelling and scared about the fact that I would be travelling. It was my first international trip so obviously I was very very nervous.

First came the process of acquiring visa. I carried all the required documents to visa office in Ahmedabad, had my bio-metrics done and the good folks at the visa office collected my passport along with visa document which they said will be sent to Mumbai and that I would get the visa in couple of weeks.

Next thing was obviously waiting and then waiting and finally some more waiting, until one day I received my passport. Seeing a visa stamped on passport is a joy in itself. I was so happy that I could not express it in any writings.

After that our travel department booked my flight. I still remember they booked Emirates for me and asked if I had any meal preference. It was my first international flight and I did not make any fuss about the meal.

Travel department were still trying to find me a hotel to stay and they were finding something near client location. Luckily for me the client himself suggested a place - Millbrook House. I googled and googled about the place and checked everything that was near to it, whether it may be restaurant or shops or my clients office.

I believing the most exciting part of the travel is the moment you are planning a travel. The anticipation of all the good things to come and curiosity of the place where you will be staying kills you.

Anyway this is my first blog post since a long time. I will share my travel updates soon.

Date: Somewhere around tail end of year 2010.
Place: Ahmedabad

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