Saturday, May 6, 2017

Restaurant Review - Chili's, Inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Chili's Restaurant Seating & Bar


This review is about Chili's Restaurant located at Inorbit Mall, Vashi.
Date of visit : 6th May 2017 around 1 pm.
Number of People : 3


We were received by the lady standing at the door and politely seated.


The seating was comfortable. There were food and drinks menu placed near us. It felt a bit hot and the reason can either be AC was not set to temparatures as expected or due to the fact that it is beginning of summer.

The ambiance was good with the way things were layed out and colors used. 

Rating: 7/10


Coming to service we felt a bit let down. We were seated for about 10 minutes and nobody came to ask for even a glass of water. 
The only person who came during those 10 minutes was lady who received at the door. She came twice to get our phone numbers.
So we had to tell her that can she send someone to wait upon us. She conveyed the message but no one came.
Finally a chap arrived with cutleries and water for us. We made sure that he did not disappear without taking the order.


We decided to go with a combo starter and 2 main course between 3 of us. 

Triple dipper


We ordered Triple Dipper which was basically selecting 3 appetizers from a list of 8 appetizers either veg/non-veg. We went for the veg option and selected "Texas Cheese Poppers", "Southwestern Rolls" and "Onion Rings". 
Starters came in pretty quickly. 

We first tried Southwestern Rolls. This was some kind of fried tortilla's filled with black beans, corn, cheese and spinach. The tortilla felt greesy and it seemed oil which has been used for frying was reused a lot as it had an acquired taste.

Cheese poppers were again nothing but two kind of cheese covered with batter and deep fried. Again I could get the taste of the oil that I mentioned earlier. I got one popper which was not fried properly and bit raw inside. 

Moving on to Onion rings. Same kind of experience with oil as the two starters. And I have had better onion rings at burger king than the restaurant here.

Rating: 3/10

Main Course

Fresh Mex Bowl
Chipotle Fresh Mex Bowl
Main Course came 5 minutes after the starters arrived and was waiting to get cold as were yet to be done with our starters.

We had ordered Chipotle Fresh Mex Bowl and Santa Fe Quesadillas.

The bowl was very dull looking. Actually we had been here before and had ordered the exact same thing before and it was much better looking and tasted very nice. So we had decided to go for this. But this time the experience was not the same. Nothing looked or tasted fresh this time. It seemed that the avocados used were not of good quality and the ingredients of the bowl were not in harmony.

Coming to Quesadillas, again they were just stuffed with Cheese, Paneer (some more cottage cheese) and a tidbit corn here or there. 

Rating: 3/10


Triple Dipper : INR 625

Chipotle Fresh Mex Bowl : INR 425

Santa Fe Quesadillas : INR 475

Summary & Overall Rating

Overall the experience was not good this time. I had been here before and during peak hours and the food and service was much better. Today felt let down. 

The service was pathetically poor. No attention was given on whether the glasses are refilled when empty or if the customer is in need of something. I saw the same thing with other customers as well. All the waiters were mostly near the bar and would attend to the people near the bar.

Overall Rating: 3